30 december 2012



 Hey guys!
Comeoverthedarksidewehavecandy & Daphny Raes were doing a give away & you can probably already tell who won....yes i did yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I was so exited when i found it that i've won this beauty. My dad told me they delivered a package & i immediateley hopped out of bed !
 I really like this clutch i think its perfect for every occasion for NYE, or when you're having drinks with your friends or just on a simple occasion like shopping maybe?..
You should definitely check Daphny's site out, she sells some other beautiful clutches, bags & clothes. I wanted to do an outfit with it today but the light in my room sucked. But you sure will see this beauty in one of my OOTD's.
                                           How are you going to celebrate newyear tomorrow? Tell me to give me some ideas 'cause i still don't know what to do...
  Have a nice day
xoxo yaël

27 december 2012

Pretty in pink

    Top - H&M // Jeans - H&M // Boots - H&M // Necklace - Sacha// Earrings - Sacha // Bracelet - gift from my boyfriend // Bag - Zara //On my lips - Essence cute pink 07 

  Hey loves!
First of all , i hope you all had a wonderful christmas. I've spend christmas with my family as usual with some good food. What did you do on christmas?
Yesterday I went out dinner with my boyfriend  to " Kanikama" where they have the most delicious sushi & woks( as you can see on the pic). I took some pictures of my outfit before we went out, hope you like it
  xoxo yaël

18 december 2012

Firmoo glasses review

          Hey guyyysss!
It's been a while huh?! I was so busy with school etc. But gues what?!.. IM BACK!
I was contacted by Firmoo to select and review a pair of their sunglasses or prescription glasses.
I saw these babies & i fell inlove. I ordered them and they arrived after only one week, great isn't it?
The glasses arrived with a sturdy case, a pouch, a pretty cloth and a repair kit. I'm really happy with the glasses, the quality is great and they are very comfortable to wear.
Firmoo has a great program, especially for new customers because your first pair is FREE Check out the program details here: http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html. This is also a great option for any last minute christmas gift. You should defintely check out their website there alot of other amazing glasses. I know I saw a few other styles I would love to see under my christmas tree.
       Have a good day

06 december 2012

Christmas gift ideas !

 Cardigan - gypsy warrior / earrings - fashionology

Aloha people!
Here are some items you can give your boyfriend/girlfriend for christmas. I thought this would be a fun blogpost since christmas is coming up (yay!). The things i chose are items that i would personally love to receive or give, i mean name me one guy who doesn't like videogames :p or one girl who doesn't love some nice jewelry? :p
Tip : i like to make a box full of goodies for ex : socks, men care + something your partner like to eat
I hope this post helped you a little :D
Have a nice day
xoxo Yaël

25 november 2012

November cravings

                   Studded grey sweater - Dolly bow bow /   Cross bangle - Fashionology  / Comme des fuck down beanie / Pink neon beanie - Asos /  Gun stockings - shoptarte   Bag - ebay                              
                                                                           Hey loves,
This month i've literally spent hours and hours on Online shops... There's so much stuff i'd like to buy too bad im not a millionaire ;p! Here are a few things i really love :)! I can't stop wearing beanies, they look good + they keep me warm in this stupid cold weather. I've seen the pink beanie on Beautycrush & i immediately fell inlove with it!

What do you think of these cravings? &if you'd like to keep up with what i love on onlineshops you should follow me on fashiolista
Hope you had a wonderful weekend
 xoxo Yaël

18 november 2012


  Hey dolls,
I wanted to an OOTD today but it's frreezzzzing outside and i hate the  cold so so much :(... So i thought let's share some amazing streetwear pictures with my readers. I love everything about these outfits, the bright colours, the patterns etc.   Hope you liked this post!
What's the weather like in your country around this time of the year?
Have a wonderful day
xoxo Yaël
source : Jak & Jill, style pepper

10 november 2012

October haul

 All three are from pull and bear. Last one featured in previous post

 Cross earrings - Sacha / ring - H&M /golden necklace - H&M /collar with studs - New look

  One of my favorite lipsticks! Cutting edge by Rimmel
Hey dolls!
Here's a haul for you as promised. Sorry for the bad quality the lighting in my room wasn't that great :/ ..
I now have a facebook page where I keep you guys updated with my latest posts, you can also tell me what my next blogpost should be, so like if you like!
have a nice day xoxo Yaël

29 oktober 2012


 Top - Pull and bear / Pants - Vero moda / Shoes - H&M/  Leather Jacket - Vero Moda /Spike bracelet - New Look / Rings - H&M/ Bag - Zara / Lips - Cutting Edge by Rimmel
        Hey loves,
today I finally got the chance to make an OOTD! Hope you like it

xoxo Have a nice day , Yaël

28 oktober 2012

SD productions!

Hey dolls!
I know i promised an OOTD but i was with le boyfriend all weekend long so yeaaa .. Im sorry!  But tomorrow, and i pinky promise you guys, i'll update an OOTD!
Here's a song made by my nephew & his friend. They call themself SD Productio, they are both 15 years old. It's their first song and I think they did a great job! Check it out & let them know what you think
    Have a nice day
xoxo Yaël

15 oktober 2012

I WISH ...

Blouse - Gina Tricot // Skirt - RI // Belt - Moschino // Tshirt - Gina Tricot // Evil eye bracelet - Gypsy warrior // Black legging featuring vegan leather - Gypsy warrior

Hey dolls!
Here are some of my cravings. The white tshirt is on the way yay! Next post will be an OOTD!

 Have a nice day xoxo Yaël

26 september 2012

September haul

 Hey dolls! Here are a few things i got this month
Blouse (H&M) - i wanted a blouse like this one for a very long time, so when i saw this one i had to have it!
Jewelery - bracelet New Look, golden cross earrings New Look, ring New Look, silver cross earrings Sacha.
Boots (H&M) - I know you're probably thinking: new shoes? Again?! But take a look at these black beauties.. I couldn't just leave them there...

Body Butter (Body Shop) - i loooveee coconut!
Personally i find hauls better to watch on  youtube.. What do you think? Should i start making videos?
Have a nice day xoxo

16 september 2012

New in

Studded boots - i bought these boots in august, not that i already was looking for boots that i could wear in the winter but hey if you see a pair of shoes that you fall in love with, why not buy them right? I bought them in a random store forgot the name guys im sorry :( .

Loafers (Bershka) - i also bought these in august, i wanted loafers for a long time & i acutally already bought a pair but these ones are studded & i have an obsession with studds. They make everything just look.. better!

Nike (Globe) - i wanted a new pair of nikes for a very longtime but i never really found a pair that made me fall in love untill i was shopping with my boyfriend and saw these.. 
                                                                               Have a nice day xoxo


09 september 2012

Random shots in Barcelona

Hey dolls! 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend (Sidney) went to Spain, we stayed in Malgrat del mar ( Costa Brava) and ofcourse we visited Barcelona, which is a beautiful town (&also very big :o). Here are a few random shots we took.
Dress - Vero Moda//Sandals - Zara// Bag - Zara// Glasses - H&M
My boyfriend's outfit : Tanktop - Topman// Shorts - H&M// Glasses - Topman // Shoes - Allstars
Have a nice  day xoxo

04 september 2012


Een post voor de Belgen onder ons. In kortrijk heb ik dit gezellig Thais (take away)restaurantje gevonden. Ze verkopen er wok, salade's, kleine snacks,etc.. Deeeelicous! Als jullie eens in kortrijk zijn en honger hebben zeker langs gaan! Ik weet dat deze post een beetje random was maar waarom interessante eet adresjes niet delen met mijn lezers? Hope you had a good day xoxo
 adres: schouwburgplein 8500 Kortrijk
**hey guys i posted this for the people who live in Belgium, Bamboeddha is such a nice take away restaurant whre you can buy wok,salads,etc. I know its a bit random but i wanted to share it anyways! Hope you  had a good day xoxo

July favorite beauty products

Hey dolls! I know we are September already but yea since i forgot my password i'm re-uploading this. 
Papaya BB from The Body Shop - one word AMAZING, it smells so good! And i bought it in the sale for €10.
Shea body scrub from The Body Shop - it is such a good scrub, i use it alot and my skin never looked so amazing, and the smell last all day, it's for very dry skin types and i would definitely recommend it to people who have a dry skin
Waterproof mascara by Catrice - i honestly hate water proof mascaras but i needed one so i tried this one out and its amazing! When you go swimming nothing comes off, its the first waterproof mascara that i bought that actually did its job!
Nailpolishes - the first one is from HEMA its a coral orange colour which is pretty to wear in summer i've been wearing it all the time, the second is "To buy or not to buy" by Essie, its such an amazing colour and i just really love Essie nailpolishes in general ofcourse its more expensive then the one from Hema for example but its definitely worth the money!
eye make-up remover by Yves Rocher - such a good product, everything of my make up comes off,with other eye make-up removers i used i had to use alot of the product before everything finally came off.

Have a nice day xoxo Yaël