28 juni 2013

A week in the life of... My instagram.

 breakfast yoghurt,musli, bananas & a lil bit brown Sugar / OOTD / leggins i totally forgot about lol / delicious cheesecake that my mam made / Best ice cream ever ( cookies - ferrero rocher)                                                                    

Hi dolls,
been a long time huh?! Finally done with finals, and guess what?! I passed, i had such good results *happy*.  How were your exams?
What do you think of this a week in the life of... thing? I thought i'd be a nice idea. Let me know what you think.
Mwah xoxo

04 juni 2013

JuneI Inspiration ♡

 Hey guys,
here's an inspirational post. I'm sorry again for being the worst blogger EVER! Im having exams right now & it's killing my soical- and bloglife. I'll try to post as many as i can *pinkypromise*.  
 Love ,
Yaƫl xoxo