14 november 2013

Sneekpeek | ' Whatever you think will work '

Hey guys!
Here are some sneeekypeekys from a shoot i did last sunday. It was amaaazing! I had such a great time but i didnt expect anything else with such a great team!!

hope you are well xoxo 

Model; Yaël Ricquier 
MUAH; Johanna Cool
Styling; Lieselot Luykx - L'OBJET SINGULIER 

27 oktober 2013

TAG - Our first time !!!

Hey guys! 
Hier ben ik weer met een YT-video :D! Sidney & ik hebben de ' My first time tag' gedaan. Hope you like it! xoxo

13 oktober 2013

Feel the inspiration ♡

 1. im such a health freak, healthy food is so yummie right?:)
2. a dope ass coat!
4. im a sucker for black&white interior

Aloha my lovely readers ♡!
Here I am with an inspiration post. It's getting so cold outside aarghh i hate it so so much, i'm seriously not a winter person meeh :/ ... Buttttttttttttttttt, i've bought the most beautiful coat so that makes it all a little bit better right?!

Hope you're all well xoxo Yaël
source : tumblr & nsmbl.nl

11 oktober 2013

Autumn Haul ♡ Zara, F21, H&M,...

Hey guys!
Long time no see right? Im back with a new video! I'm really gettting into making videos... What do you think of them ? let me know!

12 september 2013

Wishlist ♡

Bag - Topshop / Sweater - Gina Tricot / Shoes - Men at work

Hey babes!
Here are some items i'd love to add to my collection I'll go to the city saturday ( with my cousin Amber  ♡ )& i'll definitely try these boots on ;p. & Urgh i want a backpack so badly but i just cant find the perfect one :/ do you know where they sell some nice ones? Let me know!
xoxo Hope you are all well, Yaël

11 september 2013


Sidney & I went to Paris last weekend & aaah i had a bless. Paris is amazing, it's just such a beautiful/magical city ! Have you ever been to Paris? Let me know!

27 augustus 2013

OOTD | Casual Urban.


 Hey guys!
Im back with an other OOTD. I really love this simple urban look. What do you think?!
& oh i made a new video on ' how to style a basic white tee' make sure you watch it & please let me know your thoughts!
Hope you are well xoxo

06 augustus 2013

OOTD | Black & white

 Hi guys!
Im back with an other very simple  OOTD. You should almost think it was inspired by my cat right ;p ? & oh for my dutch readers.. There's a new video up on my youtube channel ( english readers can watch it aswell ofcourse if u want to :D) please subscribe & like if you like & tell me what you think of my vids! watch it here  
xoxo hope you are all well

29 juli 2013

Wild hearts can't be broken.

Hey dolls!
Guess who's back with an OOTD? Finally!!! I bought this skirt in UOF & i'm so inlove with it. I wore them with my sandals from Zara when i went shopping & later that day with my ankle strap heels. I went from a casual shopping look to a more date night look by just changing the shoes :D.
Hope you liked this outfit xoxo
PS : i'll show my new purchases in a haul (video) soon!

24 juli 2013

To buy or not to buy?

                                                                     Hi guys!
Whatsup? Ohgosh i miss blogging so much , i neeed to do some OOTD's asap!! Definitely going to do that this weekend ( work is killing me ). Anyway, i saw these BadBoys on the lovely idressmyself. I really love them! Should i buy them or not?You can find them here
Have a nice day xoxo Y

18 juli 2013

HOT or NOT ?!

Aloha dolls,

Sorry for the lack of new posts but im working now from 5 am/1pm.. just so you know im still alife & kicking baby! Did you c Riri's new hair colour? She dyed it GREY .... I dont think it's one of her best hairlooks..... What do you think of it, hot or not?
Sorry voor m'n afwezigheid maar ik werk nu van 5u 's ochtends tot 1u 's middags... maar ik ben nog steeds alife & kicking baby! Hebben jullie Riri's nieuwe haarkleur al gezien? Het is grijs !!! Ik vind het zeker niet één van haar beste looks... Wat vind jij van haar nieuwe kapsel, hot or not ?
xoxo Hope you are all well xoxo

28 juni 2013

A week in the life of... My instagram.

 breakfast yoghurt,musli, bananas & a lil bit brown Sugar / OOTD / leggins i totally forgot about lol / delicious cheesecake that my mam made / Best ice cream ever ( cookies - ferrero rocher)                                                                    

Hi dolls,
been a long time huh?! Finally done with finals, and guess what?! I passed, i had such good results *happy*.  How were your exams?
What do you think of this a week in the life of... thing? I thought i'd be a nice idea. Let me know what you think.
Mwah xoxo