27 oktober 2013

TAG - Our first time !!!

Hey guys! 
Hier ben ik weer met een YT-video :D! Sidney & ik hebben de ' My first time tag' gedaan. Hope you like it! xoxo

13 oktober 2013

Feel the inspiration ♡

 1. im such a health freak, healthy food is so yummie right?:)
2. a dope ass coat!
4. im a sucker for black&white interior

Aloha my lovely readers ♡!
Here I am with an inspiration post. It's getting so cold outside aarghh i hate it so so much, i'm seriously not a winter person meeh :/ ... Buttttttttttttttttt, i've bought the most beautiful coat so that makes it all a little bit better right?!

Hope you're all well xoxo Yaƫl
source : tumblr & nsmbl.nl

11 oktober 2013

Autumn Haul ♡ Zara, F21, H&M,...

Hey guys!
Long time no see right? Im back with a new video! I'm really gettting into making videos... What do you think of them ? let me know!