06 januari 2013

Sales @ Antwerp City

    on our way after a long long day of shopping..

       Hey dolls!
Sidney and I went to Antwerp yesterday. We started our day with a hazelnut hot chocolate & a classis blue berry muffin from Starbucks yum! We both bought our new purchases in Urban Outfitters. Sid bought a Levi's jeans & i got a dress & a camo jacket. We saw the redish snood in the men section of H&M & we both liked it so we'll share it :p. After a long day of shopping we went to one of my favorite restaurants 'Giovanni's' their pizza's are DELICIOUS..
We also ran into a good friend of mine i was so happy to see her again after one year couldn't believe it's been so long. Hi Sue if you're reading this ♥

* i know the dress isn't quite flattering at all on the picture but it wasn't that easy to get it nice on camera sorry :/
 Hope you are all well
        xoxo yaël